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The Alternative Therapist

 Pricing List for Treatments 2021

(By Appointment Only)

Emmett Therapy

Human Emmett Therapy                                        45-60mins          $60.00

Equine Emmett Therapy per horse (Includes Travel)                        $110.00

Rider & Horse Emmett Therapy horse + rider (Includes Travel)        $140.00


Reiki Therapy

Face to Face Healing                                               45 – 60mins      $100.00


Massage Therapy

Relaxation Massage (Back, Front/back of Legs & Arms) 60mins      $70.00

Relaxation Massage (Front/Back of Legs, Lower Back)  45mins      $50.00

Relaxation Massage (Front/Back of Arms, Back, Neck)  45mins      $50.00

Relaxation Massage (Head, Neck & Shoulders)               30mins      $40.00

Hot Stone Massage                                                         60mins       $110.00

Hot Stones Massage                                                       90mins       $160.00

Remedial Massage                                                          60mins       $80.00

Note:  NO Private Health Rebates available.

Reflexology for Relaxation (Feet)                                   45mins       $60.00


Combined Therapies

Emmett Technique & Massage                                       60mins       $80.00

20min Massage & 40minReflex for Relax (Feet)                               $80.00

Price increase applied as at 1st January 2022.

All pricing is subject to change.

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